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These classes are roughly 2 hours in length and are held via an online webinar in English, giving you the opportunity to not only see how these subjects are handled within the software, but to also ask questions of our analysts related to the subject.

Below is a list of classes that will be offered:

Course Name CE Credits
Understanding the Affordable Care Act 2
Tax Law Updates 3
Business Return Preparation (1065 Partnership and LLC) 1
Business Return Preparation (1120C) 1
Business Return Preparation (1120S) 1
Dependents 1
Tax Credits 1
Depreciation Basics and New Bonus Depreciation Rules 2
Schedules C: Business and Schedule C Due Diligence Issues 2
Schedules E: Rental Properties 1
Ethics Course for Tax Professionals 2
Safe Guarding Taxpayer Data 1
Sale of Taxpayer’s Residence vs. Sale of Rental Property 1
Capital Gains, Losses, and Other Transactions 2

(*) To receive CE credit, attendee MUST have a PTIN and attend the entire class.

Tax Education Webinar — $39.00