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In July of 2014, the IRS unveiled a new continuing education program for Tax Professionals. This voluntary program, Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP), has been designed by the IRS to offer value added benefits for those Tax Professionals who complete their education. This course consists of 18 Hours of continuing education and covers a variety of subjects. Tax preparers who complete this program will receive an Annual Filing Season “Record of Completion” and be included in a public database of return preparers on the IRS website. They will also be able to represent their customers in front of the IRS in matters related to professional tax returns you prepare on their behalf.

There are many advantages to using Refunds Today as your AFSP provider:

Refunds Today offers the full IRS AFSP Continuing Education course and individual smaller courses depending on the credits you need.

Program Number Program Name Credits
DXDBV-A-00125-18-S 2019 Annual Federal Tax Refresher Course 6
DXDBV-T-00137-18-S Business Return Preparation (1065) 1
DXDBV-T-00136-18-S Business Return Preparation (1120-C) 1
DXDBV-T-00135-18-S Business Return Preparation (1120-S) 1
DXDBV-T-00126-18-S Depreciation Basics and New Bonus Depreciation Rules 2
DXDBV-T-00129-18-S Capital Gains, Losses, and Other Transactions 2
DXDBV-T-00130-18-S Safe Guarding Taxpayer Data 1
DXDBV-T-00133-18-S Schedules C 2
DXDBV-T-00131-18-S Schedules E: Rental Properties 1
DXDBV-T-00128-18-S Sale of Taxpayer's Residence vs The Sale of a Rental Property 1
DXDBV-T-00132-18-S Tax Credits 1
DXDBV-T-00138-18-S Understanding The Affordable Care Act 2
DXDBV-T-00134-18-S Understanding Dependents 1
DXDBV-E-00127-18-S Ethics Course for Tax Professionals 2
DXDBV-U-00140-18-S Tax Year 2018 Tax Law Updates 3

For more detailed information regarding the IRS Annual Filing Season Program, please click on the following link - http://www.irs.gov/Tax-Professionals/Annual-Filing-Season-Program.

Discounted prices are valid for Refunds Today Customers. If not a Refunds Today customer or not purchasing Refunds Today software, please go to www.nationaltaxschool.net to purchase.

Please Note: The IRS does not release the current year's content to providers until May. Once released, Refunds Today will update our course material and the IRS AFSP Course will be available starting in June.